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Should Prostitution Be Legal?

Prostitution and its legality is one of the most heavily debated topics in the world. A lot of countries are still struggling to find reasons to make it legal. The world’s oldest profession is also the most hated, but there really isn’t a reason to hate it. Unless your significant other got caught red handed with a fistful of money in one hand and a naked prostitute in the other. In this case, you are free to hate whomever you want to hate. However, in general, being a prostitute truly isn’t as bad as a lot of people are inclined to believe.

In most of the countries, especially in the continents of Asia and Africa, prostitution is wholly illegal. Soliciting, pimping, and all other related activities to reliable erotic services are illegal as well. The same goes for the US, with the exception of cities like Las Vegas and others. One of the main reasons why it is kept illegal is because it is believed to promote the spread of STDs such as AIDS. There are countries that allow prostitution to take place in all its forms too, while others do not allow brothels and pimps but allow independent women to be prostitutes.

Healthier sex workers

If erotic services and prostitution were made legal, there would be far fewer STDs transferred through the profession. This is because practicing prostitution in the shadows means that the women have restricted access to clean, accepting medical services and areas. Since prostitution is illegal, a lot of the women don’t use condoms. This is because of the fear that the police will use these condoms as DNA evidence against them when caught. If the profession were legal, this would not be a fear, and safer sex could be had. Visit this link http://pinkpalace.melbourne/employment if you are looking for the right sex workers.

Reducing sex crimes

A number of studies have found this to be true. Legal prostitution results in a drop in the number of sex crimes in that area. This includes horrors like rape, sexual abuse and more. This was made a prime example of in the Rhode Island fiasco of 1980, where the laws were changed and prostitution was made legal because the lawmakers accidentally removed the section that made it illegal. Over the course of those years, the incidence of rapes dropped by 31% and the incidence of reported gonorrhea (an STD) cases dropped by 39%.

There are many perks to making prostitution legal, although there are cons too. However, it does seem that in the interest of the health of the human species and the lives of sex workers who have no choice but to do what they do, making it legal is indeed the best thing.