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Sex Products

Sex Products

Sexual Healing – The Age Old Secrets

With the present generation seemingly taking a keen interest in Ayurveda and other traditional methods of medication that use natural ingredients as medicine, a number of age old secrets from around the world have come to light. These herbal remedies are generally believed to be safer as they usually do not have any after effects on the users. However, using these natural substances in consultation with a certified, qualified practitioner would be advisable. Among many conditions that the youth seek solutions for in nature, sexual matters like lack of libido, pre-menstrual irritations, erectile dysfunction etc are most significant. The below are some natural, herbal medications that might help you overcome any such sexual inefficiencies without having to go to the clinics and spending large sums of money on drugs that are most likely to have after or side-effects on you.


For centuries, people have used the fruit, leaf or root of the tribulus plant as medicine for sex-related disorders. A Mediterranean plant which is also known as puncture vine, tribulus is believed to have the ability to rev up desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm and satisfaction in women. Peruvian ginseng, also known as Maca is a South American vegetable which is also regarded as a safe cure for lack of appetite in women for sex by raising oestrogen levels by drinking blue lotus tea. Horny goat weed tea is another herb that is believed to cure men of erectile dysfunctions and ease cramps in women during menstruation.

Today, horny goat weed tea is gaining popularity in all parts of the world alike because it is a time-tested remedy for sexual disorders in both women and men. This herb and its properties have first been described in early Chinese medicinal texts that date back to the times of the Hwang Ho civilization. The root of the ashwagandha plant which the Indian erotica Kama Sutra describes as a stimulant for women is even today used for the same purpose as it is believed to increase the blood flow making females livelier and more enthusiastic during sexual activity. Suma root which is also known as Brazilian Ginseng, Tribulus terrestris  and Tongkat Ali are other popular herbs which are also known to be potent igniters of sexual libido, especially in women. For more info about love potion drink, visit http://www.miracleminded.com.au/

However, for any of the above mentioned herbs to work to their fullest potential, your bodies need to be conducive and receptive. This means, while taking such medications, it is essential that one refrains from consuming alcohol and nicotine. Proper exercise and obtaining a balanced diet would also contribute for these herbs to work better for you enabling you have a happy and fulfilled sexual life.