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Monthly Archive: August 2015

Choosing Burlesque Corsets

Go sexy and horny in a burlesque costume! Corsets are the great ways to optimize your burlesque costume. This piece of clothing is worn as underwear, which is very attractive. However, you need to ensure that no frills and lace or any decoration would interfere with the dress being worn over it.
Burlesque costume is worn to show off the figure and corset that you wear under it, which means you can try any extravagant style! Corset is the key clothing of any burlesque costume. It will slim your waist by 2-4 inches and makes the most of your figure to provide you perfect hourglass shape!
What does a corset do for your burlesque costume?
• The beauty and curvy look that a corset achieves for you will add to the sexy and feminine look for your figure.
• Slimmer figures are able to emphasize the bust and a fuller figure can make the most of the assets with a corset.
• If you have smaller bust, then choose a corset with additional decoration over the bust, such as feathers, or frills and add it with a frilly knickers or frilly skirt with fishnets under a tutu.
• Curvier figures can keep the decoration to a minimum and wear a bustle train or skirt over a short skirt to emphasize the hourglass figure.
• Women with large bust can choose an under-bust corset to clinch the waist while enabling to wear a bra that fits properly. Under-bust corset can be worn over a dress or a simple shirt.
• Burlesque dancer costume does not just mean black and red striptease. It is based on a variety show and you can do the extravagant stage role with a matching corset.
You can find any key piece of burlesque outfit to match your show, such as a mermaid, dancer, a ringmaster or a vampire. Burlesque does involve some clothing removal in most performances, so you can remove gloves and stockings in a slow and sexy manner. Most corsets are not designed in a manner to take off quickly.
You want a corset to wear to fancy dress parties or club events, where removing them is not an issue. However, it is wise to choose one with zip element either front or back to add a bit of tease factor. You can wear corset under a jacket with jeans or with a long skirt for semi-formal events. Emphasize your femininity with the right and matching corsets!
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